This years cruise will be to the west coast of Vancouver Island and on to the Haida Gwaii Islands!

The Bella get a new paint job for the 2016 season.


A day trip with Rose and Bruce to Anacortes


Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams from 37000' on the way to SoCal. A rare day without a cloud in the sky!


A taste test at a very well-known resort in SoCal any guesses??? A trip to Hogwarts and some Butterbeer for all!


The SeaNile ready for shrimping 2016.
Following the Blue C's out Victoria Harbor with the Olympics in the background. The Race Rocks Lighthouse just outside Victoria. Following Blue C's into Bamfeild our first stop. Final resting place for the Port Alberni in Snugg Basin.



Shrimping was good in the Broken Islands!
The Blue C's stern tied with the Bella Nile. Kayaking was simply splendid in our Turtle Island Anchorage.


The Amphitrite Lighthouse at the picturesque village of Ucluelet. Lori and Carole on the beach. The unrelenting wind is evident by the light station.


The Wild Pacific Rim Trail at Ucluelet is AMAZING... so are the Fish & Chips!


Tofino May 29th
The Bella and Blue c's on the public dock. Yard art Tofino style!


Kayaking in a lagoon at Zeballos. A flock of tourists in downtown...at rush hour.  No crab on the west side of Vancouver Island...but LOTS of sea otters.


Queens Cove on the ebb. A vanishing church on the cove. Sunset at 11:00 pm!


Walters Cove in Kyuquot Sound. Ever seen a 60 foot long 2 X 16 ? And speaking of large, check out this enormous fuchsia tree loaded with humming birds.


82 pounds of fresh halibut in Scow Cove located in the Bunsby Islands group! A little wine after all that hard fishing.


The Blue C's streaming around Cape Cook and Solander Island a majestic rock rising from the Pacific. Winter Harbor and one of its enormous Sitka Spruce.


23 keepers in a single pull, our all time record. Ocean falls does not disappoint!


The Disney Wonder meets us just outside of Bella Bella, prettiest ship on the ocean.


The Blue C's gets a surprise when they lift anchor in Horsefly Cove, a 70 foot long log wedged in their anchor fluke. It took our tender crane and their windless to bring up 4' at a time. The only tool aboard to cut it into sections is a battery sawzall ...4 hours later we are on our way! We now both have new chainsaws aboard!!!



Stern tie in Klewnuggit and a wack of snow crab for dinner! The falls were splendid with snow still in the mountains behind the lake.

The Bella in the brand new Prince Rupert Cow Bay Marina. The girls blowing off some steam from a double latté at Cowpucchinos. Fog about to blanket the harbor. A humpback on our way to Spicer Island.


Sunrise over Hecate Strait leaving our Spicer Island anchorage.  Queen Charlotte City Docks with the Blue Cs and Bella rafted up. The Haida museum for orientation and tour of the carving house and new totem for Sandspit on the 17th.



A visit to the Balancing Rock, Carole and Lori try to get a lift back to Queen Charlotte City. The Port of Masset, A picture of the remains of the Golden Spruce. One of 4 listening arrays for submarines just outside of Masset. Moss covered trees on the road to Rose Point the NE corner of Graham Island. The splendid beach at Tow Hill.






 Gwaii Haanas wildlife, the red billed oyster catcher ever present deer, bear and eagles, sand hill cranes , bat stars in every color,  goliath mussels and sea lions.






Hot springs Island Heritage Site. The hot springs have not been flowing much since the 2012 earthquake.


Skedans Heritage Site. The Long House pit, a picture of then and now. Sitka Spruce feeding on the cedar long house ridge and corner post.



Windy Bay, the only new totem in Gwaii Haanas erected in 2013. An enormous Sitka Spruce on the village trail.


Anthony Island Heritage Site, Sgang Gwaay. The most intact site in the Gwaii Haanas park. Dozens of Mortuary Poles and Long Houses. Most of the Mortuary Poles had the burial cavities intact where the bent wood boxes would have contained the remains of the clan member.





Gwaii Haanas in our wake and a troubling but spectacular sunrise on our bow, crossing Hecate Strait back to mainland B.C.

Spectacular sunrise on the shores of Montruex, Lake Geneva with a vintage paddle wheeler that toures the lake. The view looking south from our hotel and our hotel at dusk.











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