March 29 2015


The Bella's out for a day trip to Seattle with guest of honor and Captain in training Abby! Steven is learning the ropes- A gray day in Seattle but a great day on the water!

May 28 2015

Took the Bike from Chemainus to the Kinsol Trestle completed in 1920 now restored as part of the Trans Canada Trail.  It is  617' long

June 5 2015



       Sullivan Bay Marina and resort in the Broughton's. A look back to Wells Passage and the spectacular Broughton Islands. As we pass Cape Caution and Ripple Passage 50 dolphins join our cruise!!!  

June 9 2015



A lone wolf in Fitz Hugh Sound- Codville Lagoon on King Island with Carole and Carl. Sagar Lake is just below the mountain in the background. A mile hike and up to the lake with it's stunning sand beach and a skinny dipper! A moss covered tree in the sunlight.




We are surprised seeing a cruise boat popping out of tiny Johnson Channel. We round Coolidge Point for our first glimpse of the ghost town of Ocean Falls and its power plant fed from enormous 15 mile long Link Lake. Put the bike ashore for a ride around the town and up to the dam and lake. Once a pulp mill town of 5000 now just 20 full timers...

June 11 2015



Did I mention crabbing & shrimpin was good at Ocean Falls!!! Shrimp cocktails on the 5C's II with Jack & Roberta and Carole and Carl. A secluded lagoon to the ocean side of Fury cove. A latte from Shearwater Marina...FINALLY! HUGE dead head on the way to Rescue Bay 10' out of the water!


Klewnuggit Inlet and picturesque Brodie Lake. Snow crab galore with a hint
of Dungeness. A picture looking back to the Inlet from Grenville Channel
...with our new guests onboard!


Seals seemingly suspended in air but really marking a reef in Klewnuggit Inlet as we leave. We enter Kumealon Inlet to a watchful eagle and an ENOURMOUSE nest.
A view of the rapids into Kumealon Lagoon just before slack water.

June 21, 2015


Prince Rupert at its finest, greeted us with sun and sailors. The Blue C's and the Bella at the Yacht Club docks in the background. Note the new piling as the Harbor Authority prepares a new marina to be completed by end of summer.

June 06 2015
Misty Fiord & Ketchikan


July 3 2015
Tracy Arm and the Sawyer Glacier





July 6 2015
Mendenhall Glacier and Glacier Gardens. Views looking south to Juneau Harbor and North to the Air Port from the peak at Glacier Gardens.



July 7 2015
A Day flight via an Otter to the Taku Lodge on the Taku River. A look from the plane to the massive Juneau ice fields that extend all the way to Skagway. A fabulous salmon lunch with all the fixins in the 100 year old Lodge. The cook at the barbeque was a little rough around the edges but could he do salmon!!!




July 17th to August 1st 2015

Skagway and the Chilkoot Trail
marked by Great Grandpa Vogee's photo of Dyea in 1898.


Glacier Bay and sunshine so the girls took a dip in the 41 degree water of Reid Glacier! Johns Hopkins and the Marjorie Glaciers didn't disappoint as usual! The 12's were out in Glacier Bay and so was a BIG Grizzly enjoying the sunshine. A HUGE Grizzly track on the beach of Reid Glacier.




Icy Straights gave us three nice halibut in 40 minutes. Crab Bay produced EPIC size crab 9 1/2" across 4 1/2 pounds!!! Bubble feeding whales, otters and Sea lions to round out the day! Sitka always puts on a light show.





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