July 7th 2009

A quick stop at Dundas Island nets 2 silvers for Lori and dinner!

July 8th 2009


Our new Shaman mask now presiding over the salon was carved by Eagle Henry Reece

of the Tsimshian Nation and has brought us unusually good luck!?



July 9th 2009

Our 32nd wedding anniversary!





Flying in to Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary  just 25 miles north of Prince Rupert by plane.

Any one up for a picnic on the beach???



The view of the inlet and peaks you could almost touch

The Bella at the Prince Rupert Y.C. Moorage and Butze Rapids on a MILD flood tide



The Canadian Mounted Police Drill tem for the first time in 31 years at Prince Rupert and just for our anniversary!

Lori's new favorite food- a First Nations deep fried, sugar coated bread called "Bannock" and her new best friend (mine too)-The Queen of Bannock at the Prince Rupert Street Fair.



July 10th 2009



Said goodbye to Prince Rupert for this year and off to Klewnuggit Inlet for a couple of days (53 41.27N 129 45.11W). This vast but well protected anchorage was one of the best we dropped the hook in. We went crabbing 300' deep and caught these Opilio crab or "Queen" crab as they are called in Canada (how appropriate) and the largest Spot Shrimp I've ever seen. Even better -we had satellite coverage for a shrimp feast and a Mariners game!



July 12th 2009


Next stop was back to our favorite stop Lowe Inlet. I was cooking dinner (crab!)  while Lori went for a kayak to Verney Falls to watch the salmon boiling below the falls and got more than what she bargained for! We both kayaked back and watch the bears till dusk then back for a Crab Louis and a game of Hand and Foot .Talk about a fisherman this or these bears would catch a 20 pound salmon in about 30 seconds!

July 14th 2009

Making our way back to Bella Bella Shearwater with an overnight at Rescue Bay 52 30.92'N 128 17.29'W . Could have spent several days here...A fabulous moorage.

July 15th 2009

Arrived back to Bella Bella Shearwater and maybe a Pizza for dinner at the restaurant. Tomorrow a stop in Kwakshua Channel and the Hakai Beach Resort to find one of the BIG KINGS we keep hearing about....



July 16th 2009


The beautiful Hakai Beach Resort- And a 1/2 mile walk from the main lodge takes you to the secluded ocean beach on the west side of the property.

July 17th 2009

Took the Bella Around the corner to Hakai Passage put 2 Kings and 2 Silvers in the boat in an hour and a half -guess what's for dinner!



July 18th 2009

Off to Duncanby Landing 51 24.36N 127 38.76W at the head of Rivers Inlet -about 25 miles south of Hakai Passage. But first some Humpbacks and a cruise ship or two!



July 19th 2009

We did some fishing till some real fisherman showed up. In the second photo note the baby Orca doing some tail slaps. We boated a couple of silvers after they moved on -lucky for us the crab pots had a dozen keepers!!!


July 21st 2009

Off to Alert Bay after a fabulous stay at Duncanby Resort...



July 22, 2009


The Bella arrives in Alert Bay after a foggy but uneventful crossing of Queen Charlotte Sound from Duncanby Resort...


Our dear friends Lisa and Don join us for the passage to Victoria. The Long House at Alert Bay and a look at the worlds largest Totem Pole. Crab Louie's all round always make for a great night sleep!



July 23rd 2009


The passage back to Canoe Cove for an overnight and a fabulous meal at the lodge. But first a walk to "Inukshuk Point" for Lisa & Don to build one of their own- but then a little friendly competition ensued....



July 24th 2009


We leave Canoe Cove for a tense trip through Dent then Yucuita Rapids but they lead us to Desolation Sound!


Our anchorage in Prideaux Haven and a Kayak trip to see the sights. The view leaving Desolation on our way to Nanaimo.



July 25th 2009


Arrive at Nanaimo with the help of some new helmsmen and greeted by a double rainbow and a fireworks show for the annual bathtub races!


And for the bathtub races the real S.S. Minnow was on hand note Thurston and Lovey on the docks!

July 26th 2009

...Back to Victoria for a tour of the town and museum then on to Tahuya for a few days of family time!



August 2nd 2009


Back to Seattle and our old friend the Carnival Cruise Ship that has meet us in nearly every port. A little while later a look through pilot house windows and we're home in Tacoma-already planning the Alaska 2010 voyage!



To Ketchikan and back- 1,851 nautical miles!

Shami is working for us!



Letter from Don:

Lori & Doug,

I did some research on Shami. After much study, I found out Shami's real First Nations name. It's

WOO~DUG~WOO~GEE~DUG~WOO~GEE~DUG~EEE~BAY~BEE~EEE. This translates literally into the king's English as "rich white dude with silver hair and lots of horsepower"! Isn't that amazing? The resemblance to a certain Bella Nile captain is uncanny. The silver hair, the perfect teeth, and stony stare. Doug, I think you made quite a good choice. As for me, I believe.

Thanks so much for having Lisa and me onboard the Bella Nile. Your boat is really cool. I think you did a great job designing her. Everything works so well. I had a great time. The crab and salmon were awesome (as was everything else). Your hospitality was superb. I really felt at ease. The sites and experiences I had while on the Bella Nile will be long remembered. I learned a lot about cruising. Watch out for those logs. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks again.




Next stop Grays Harbor & Westport for tuna and kings!

August 16-22nd 2009

Good friends good times with limits all round -especially for April!




October 4, 2009

The Bella is parked as Maria and Griff are wed! A fabulous day for all!!!




October 9, 2009

A quick trip to Seattle (and Ivars) with our German family after the wedding..




October 20, 2009

The Bella's got wheels!




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