Covid 19 has taken its toll but this year we're finally
heading back to Alaska!

The Bella has left the Harbor 5.22.22!
Picture taken from April and Grady's house "The Pearl" @5:15 am!


Leaving the Harbor for Alaska

The fog meeting us in the strait of Juan de Fuca-
Finally Victoria Harbor!


The Victoria Harbor Water Taxi Ballet!

Victoria's world famous Rogers chocolates!

Our first Orca encounter just around the corner from
Gangees, this little one looks to be a yearling.

A sandstone rock formation "melting" away by Nanaimo
and a "stick boat" in Comox...without the stick! Done livin the lie!


A pod of Orcas playing with the SeaNile in Nodals Channel
on our way to Sidney Bay.

Cape Caution and anchorage in Fury Cove tomorrow 6.6.22, only
weather window for this ocean passage for 10 days and looks like a bueaty!

Khutze Brown bear looking for a snack! Glad to be in our Kayaks...

Huge Lowe Inlet prawns, biggest we've ever caught!

Huge King caught last year in Prince Rupert!



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