July 1st 2010 Juneau Alaska


Juneau as seen from Douglas Island.


The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.


A spectacular waterfall at the glacier edge.


The Mendenhall Glacier from Douglas Island



Baked Alaska on the Bella, my new favorite food!


The 4th of July in Juneau Harbor.

A happy birthday Grady Bella Nile style!



We hooked up with Paul for the royal tour of Juneau. Paul is on the Board of Directors for Dipac a non profit private salmon hatchery in Juneau. In my opinion the future of fish farming and possibly the beginning of the end of traditional commercial salmon fishing...


Chum Salmon and a few Kings stuff the fish ladder.


A large holding tank filled to capacity- we finally found the fish!


July 5 2010 Glacier Bay


We Arrive in Glacier Bay.




The first wildlife is a Grizzly on the shore and an eagle off the bow.

 Icebergs ahead!


A wave from the crew of the Bella from Johns Hopkins Glacier!



It's hard to take it all in the scale is just colossal....


The Johns Hopkins Glacier -words can not describe it.


The glacier calving



First the ice cracks with a deafening explosion then an iceberg the size of a house falls and raises the sea 4 feet!




The Margerie Glacier.



The mountain peaks just cant be counted.


The Grand Pacific Glacier and the entrance to the bay.


No fish ...but who cares! Margerie Glacier in the background and not a cloud in the sky!

Sapphire blue ice


Speaking of "ICE" April and Grady are engaged!




The ice comes in all different sizes, shapes and colors


The ever present cruise ships -but only 2 a day in Glacier bay and only 24 private boats a day in the bay as well.

On the hook in North Sandy Beach Cove.


Hey -is that a peanut butter sandwich I smell !!! A grizzly bear at our anchorage at North Sandy Beach Cove



July 19 2010 Hoonah and Port Fredric



A view of Hoonah Harbor and Port Fredric on the way to the zip line-

A spectacular walk through a stand of Sitka Spruce at Cannery Point-

 A native dancer in the long house also at Cannery Point





The launching pad at the top of the mile long zip line and the view looking down and up 2000 feet!

July 20 2010 Pelican



The quaint tiny village of Pelican Located on the northwest portion of Chichagof Island, approximately 100 miles west of Juneau and 90 miles north of Sitka. The town has no roads only a boardwalk. The main employer a cold storage facility closed and has left the town adrift. The red Pelican High School at the end of the boardwalk.




Just when we thought we found the worlds largest sea otters they turned out to be deer swimming the channel-The famous arched rock just outside Elfin Cove -a planned stop now for next year.


July 22 2010 Back to Juneau and a Whale of a show!




On our way back  from Pelican to Juneau we had just entered Icy Straight- at first we saw the tail slapping from a mile away then as we got closer it was non stop breaching for 20 minuets. We have seen hundreds of whales on this trip but nothing like this.



The whale was breaching in every direction then back into the sea with a thunderous splash. I think he was just working down dinner but Lori insists he was lookin for love!



July 31 2010 and a quick side trip to

Cleveland for a family wedding- Congratulations Rob and Christina!



Family pictures after the wedding ceremony.


The Rose garden at University of Ohio




A family stop and tour of the Christmas Story movie house. Later that day off to see the Indians get clobbered by the Yankees- Alex was trying for HR 600 -it was almost like watching the Mariners lose!




The famous leg lamp and bowling ball!



A day trip to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio.  Our Seahawks had the smallest footprint in the Hall !




Located on the shores of Lake Eire and downtown Cleveland is the beautiful Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the restored 618-foot historic ore boat the William G. Mather. Built in 1925 this ship had the first radar and bow thruster installed on a commercial vessel.


August 3 2010 and back to SUNNY Juneau!



A last trip up the Mount Roberts Tramway for some fabulous pictures of Juneau and all you can eat Dungeness crab!

The view looking south down Gastineau Channe-

Cruise ships docked below the tramway-

And the view north to downtown, Auke Bay and the airport.


August 5th 2010 Time to head south.

First stop Windfall Harbor & the Pack Creek bear reserve.




The turn into Seymour Passage and a view back at the Tracy Arm Glacier. The Bella at anchor in Windfall Harbor and our walk about the bear reserve armed only with my trusty Nikon!




A short walk down the beach to Pack Creek and the welcoming committee. The bears were no more than 50 feet away



Two sows with cubs that just wanted to play -but the mothers would have no part of it. It was all business as one cub was lost to a big male earlier in the season.



Fishing lessons at the Creek and who need a pole! The fish were in the creek and bay in the tens of thousands!



After a hard day of watching mom fish and junior gets some warm milk for desert. The ranger said this was a very rare event to see.



We found ourselves cut off from our tender by a foraging grizzly. After about 15 minuets the bear had enough berries and wandered of -the ranger escorted us to the tender for a safe sendoff.


August 16th 2010 Grenville Channel



Our anchorage in the morning anyone for coffee and cookies?





Snow crab and a bucket of shrimp!!!! what a treat! Caught in the new Alaska King Crab Pots from Juneau!



August 22nd 2010 Home Again...2,300 miles later!




Our last stop in Canada was at Poets Cove on South Pender Island


The Bella on the docks at Poets Cove


A grey but pretty Seattle on our port side almost 4 months later!



A reminder to watch your charts! A yacht high and dry on Colvos Rocks at the head of Hood Canal.


August 25th 2010 to Westport for Kings and Tuna!



The crew looks pretty rough but the fish are pretty!


A rare lazy sunny day at Westport.

My new best friend showed up while I was cleaning fish.


Couldn't resist some fresh salmon!


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