2020 - 2021

Covid 19 has closed the Canadian border and our travels to all points north. The Bella Nile is "patiently" (tolerance of delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious...) waiting for a reopening. So we will be posting pictures from below the 49th Latitude for a while....


William Douglas Smith turns 11 months-
just in time for shrimp season!

The Bella on a day cruise captured from April and Grady's house!

One of Hood Canal's finest sunsets on a 97 degree day!

Prince William's FIRST "hot" chocolate!

Everyone vaccinated and healthy!

Our shrimping honey hole has never produced like this!
5 limits on board and 3 over the rail!


"All good things must pass."

Our good friends and long time cruising partners Carole and Carl
have sold the Blue C's and will no longer be traveling with the Bella Nile.
Great times Great memories and Great friends.



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