May 1st 2010 Shrimping opener!

The SeaNile locked and loaded 8:00 am


The weather breaks for a beautiful day on Hood Canal


Stacking the gear...


Final gear check by the Shrimpinator ...


Countdown to the first set at 9:00am !


Lots of color in the pots!


First pull 240 shrimp on the deck.



The pots keep coming up FULL!


A hitchhiker in the pot

Sunset on a fabulous Shrimp season.


May 17th and our 2010 voyage to Glacier Bay Alaska begins

with Tacoma off our stern.

1st stop Victoria B.C.


The Bella with signal flags for Brad.


Judy and Brad arrive for the trip north!


The Bella and the Empress.


Brads retirement and Birthday cake on board.



Brads FREE!


Deciphering the signal flags


May 24th 2010

Seymour Narrows to Forward Bay!


The Bella gives a tow to the Amigo lll at Ripple Point.


 Arrival at Forward Bay!

Grizzly Bears greet us on the beach.

Mama bear  looking for dinner.


& baby bear admiring the Bella...


 Morning Coffee was a little chilly...

Grandmas blankets came in real handy!

Crab at Duncanby/ Goose Bay.


5 star dinning on the Bella!


Port Hardy Fish N Chips!

  Halibut from our trip to Pine Island 10 miles outside Port Hardy


Judy on the hunt!

What's for dinner?


A Humpback on the way to Bella Bella.



June 3rd 2010

Bella Bella to Lowe Inlet


At anchor in Lowe Inlet.

Fishing boats moved in for the night


A Humpback whale gives a wave on our way to Ketchikan


And a wag of the tail.


A perfect day in Grenville Channel

A boat for Lisa and Don!

June 10th 2010

Prince Rupert to Ketchikan


The Bella rubbing shoulders with the "Pearl"


Looking for some fish in all the wrong places!


The Long House at Totem Bight Ketchikan


Tlinget dancers in the Long House


Misty Fjords


Mountains of solid rock.

The Punch Bowl.

If you look real close a pair of nesting eagles at the very top.



June 16th 2010

Arrive in Wrangell


A fiery sunset to welcome us to Wrangell.


The Bella at the Wrangell docks.

The Big Ruckus ready for it's first trip ashore.


20 Miles south we found Pats Lake with Middle ridge in the background.

A photo opportunity on the way up to Middle Ridge,


The forestry cabin at Middle Ridge.

A Wrangell house boat or a boat house?


Petroglyphs on the beach.


June 21 st 2010

Arrive in Juneau


Whales ON the bow!!!



Hey wait your forgot to smile!!!!


Excuse me ma'am while I rinse your camera...

Two fisherman on an iceberg- just another day on the Bella!



June 24th 2010

Arrive in Skagway


The Bella in the harbor at Skagway.


Looking North at the White Pass route to Dawson City and the Yukon goldfields form the Skagway Harbor.


Looking South to the cruise boat docks and Chilkoot Inlet form Skagway Harbor..


An overview of the town harbor from Smugglers Cove.


Peaceful Dyea Bay 9 miles NW of Skagway this was the start of the Chilkoot Trail that lead to Dawson and the goldfields some 600 miles away. Now not a trace of the boom town that sprang up overnight in 1898!


The Chilkoot trailhead at Dyea now a peaceful and unassuming place-but in 1898 it was kayos and  overrun with some 100,000 fortune seekers. But by the time the "Stampeder 's" had arrived in Dyea, a staggering 1000 miles from Seattle, and were ready to start this next leg of their legendary & epic journey -most of the gold and claims in the Yukon had already been found and staked. Ultimately only a handful of Stampeder's ever turned a shovel looking for the promised gold of the Yukon.


A view of Dead Horse Gulch where several hundred horses died packing the required 1 ton of supplies for each "Stampeder" up the White Pass route to Dawson City


The actual trail of 1898 still visible in one of the easiest portions of the crossing. 

Rented a car and drove 115 miles to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory still 500 miles upriver from Dawson City.

A black bear alongside the spectacular Yukon Highway



The beautifully restored Klondike stern wheeler located in Whitehorse. This 240 footed moved mountains of men and supplies to Dawson City during the gold rush era and long afterwards. She was also the first ship in the world  to use containers for shipping cargo!


The first class passengers viewing and game parlor.

The wheelhouse and note the Captains color Coordinated!


The engine room -note the massive drive piston on the portside bulkhead.

Spectacular scenery along the Yukon Highway


Vistas that go on forever.


We take a remarkable day trip to Frasier and the Canadian border on the restored White Pass Train line following most of the original White Pass Trail.


We pass the Grave Yard of the gold rush Stampeder's

A trestle and tunnel we will pass through an the way to the 3300' summit.



The view from the trestle and back down to where we were 1500' feet below.



Arriving at Frasier and Canadian customs


The view of Skagway half way up the pass.



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