This years cruise will be to the north of Bella Bella and south of Prince Rupert...

But first a trip to the Panama Canal!

On our way, Miami at sunset

Welcome to Aruba!

Entering the Canal  from the
Atlantic side


The new Bridge of the

Amazing construction


The new lock for the
Pana-Class ships

The first lock and its
towing rail cars


first step of the 85'
elevation rise


An oil tanker next to us
in the locks


A look back to the
Atlantic side

A look forward to
Lake Gatun


A Pana-Class
container ship


Worlds largest mobile


and a prison!


Lori "swimming"
The Panama Canal!



The Pacific side locks with
the new locks to the right,

Last Lock set


Bridge of the Americas

The Port of Panama


Panama City


The beautiful city of
Manzanillo Mexico,


 Crazy cool fish
at the dock


The Bella and 
ready to continue north
from Victoria.

SeaNile in tow, note the
 new 3/8" Amsteel
19,000# tow line.


The Bella and a host
of white sided
Dolphins as we head
north up Johnstone Straight

The Dolphins spent
over an hour in our wake!

And happy to get a 15
mile free ride north!

Kwatsi Bay shore line
guarded by an enormous
Black bear.

He spent most of the day
dining on the new grass
crop on a sunny day.

He didn't seem to mind
the company...as long as
we were on the boat!

The Bella and Blue C's
at the Kwatsi dock

Kwatsi Bay Prawns
For dinner!

A wonderful 100' Wide
waterfall as we leave
Kwatsi Bay

Lots of crab in
Port McNeill!

The Ketchikan rain gage
is almost over the top...

Ocean Falls had crab
to spare. Fishing made easy
on the SeaNile!

Dry pass has a new channel
marker and we have a
scookum 40 year marker!

A beautiful day in
Port Protection rafted to the
Blue C's

The Port Protection General
Store mascot!

Black bears waiting for
the salmon.

The Totem grave yard
just outside Craig

The carving shed recreating
the decaying totems

waiting to be recreated


Finally a Spirit Bear!!
Unbelievable luck as we
pass Princess Royal Island.

The only place in the world
one can see a Kermode or
Spirit Bear.

A humpback wave
in Rosco Inlet

The Bella rounding
Cape Caution on
her way back home

The Bella NOT on the rocks
in Dry Pass on our way
to Craig

Another load of crab
from Ocean Falls

400 shrimp in 4 pots
in Tuwartz Inlet!

4 nice halibut just
outside Nichols Bay Alaska

Fishin was EZ at
McCreight Point.

The Falls at Kynoch Inlet

4 Coho before lunch
at Tuwartz!
A great Blue Heron mid
flight in Victoria Harbor

A new years ice storm in
Lynden WA 12/31/17


Montreux Lake Geneva

Montreux Lake Geneva
one of my favorite photos



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