Arrived Taiwan 5:00 AM on 5/22/07 to inspect the Bella Nile.

Flew EVA Air and what a great flight!!!!


The view from our balcony at The Grand Hotel, Taipei. 

A spectacular view of the "101" Building -the tallest in the world, for a little while longer!


Orchids in the lobby of The Grand Hotel and the main entrance




Our first look at the Bella Nile in the finish shed. On the bridge of "Bella"


Then on to Hong Kong and Victoria Peak!






Our ship has finally come in!

The "Bella Nile" arriving San Diego Harbor for offload and commissioning.



Our First football barbeque at Mission Bay, San Diego.



On the hook Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island



The West side of Catalina Island -looking for a marlin.





To the Sea of Cortez!


Cabo San Lucas



Thousands of jumping rays and whales!


Looking for marlin on the way to La Paz


 Buffing up on course plotting with Capt. Berkey

Our welcome in Marina Palmira, La Paz



Isla Partida


Isla San Francisco


Bahia Aqua Verde and a Spotted Ray



Our constant companions off the bow!


Bahia de Salinas and a day of shelling and exploring...



Bahia de Suenous for Easter at Casa Peterson


Mom on watch with Dad at the helm and at Coffee in La Paz.


Our squid adventure at Santa Rosilita with the Discovery Channel




Time to leave La Paz on the freighter  :(




AA week later we arrive in Nanaimo B.C.



Cold days in Tacoma!


Next stop Ketchikan!


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